European Union - European Regional Development Fund

Continuing innovation in 3D printing technology

As the 3D printing industry continues to grow and evolve, Ultimaker keeps focusing on continuous innovation to drive long-term results, pioneering software tools, and legitimate manufacturing solutions.

Through investing heavily in technology intelligence, analysis, and exploitation of research results, Ultimaker’s research and development activities contribute to the progression of the 3D printing industry as a whole and allow for the higher accessibility of additive manufacturing technology to consumers all over the world.

By developing market-leading 3D printing hardware, software, materials, and facilitating local training and mentoring, Ultimaker aims to enable customers to build far more complex products and allow companies move beyond rapid product prototyping, and use the technology to streamline production with custom manufacturing resources (tooling), and achieve better efficiency in manufacturing.

Facilitating innovation through collaboration

With the subsidy of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and through close cooperation with Faber Electronics BV (Velp), Ultimaker BV (Geldermalsen) aims to improve existing range of additive manufacturing solutions and develop highly-competitive products to succeed in an increasingly global, competitive and high-tech economy.