Flowalistik uses Ultimaker to 3D print childhood memories

3D printing enthusiast and designer Flowalistik

Flowalistik is well-known in the community for his low-poly models. Today we're sharing his story and an exclusive new low-poly set for everyone to download, print and enjoy. Every maker gets into 3D printing in their own way. Some are inspired by others, some love making the 3D printers, and others just love to create something fresh and original. For Flowalistik, it was a combination of all three.

Flowalistik: “When I was a kid my key priorities were creating things and playing with my Game Boy. 15 years on and not much has changed! Well, now I have more tools to play with.”

3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik
3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik 5

After assembling his first Ultimaker 3D printer, he got a real kick from printing models. Although he hadn’t designed them himself, he enjoyed the process of calibrating the machine and getting everything right for the perfect 3D print. He took a sense of ownership of it.

Then in 2014, he was playing Pokémon and when he’d finished, he realized that he had the same feeling of ownership for the video game characters. It was this initial spark that led him to conceive his low-poly characters. “I started studying the most common issues and limitations in 3D printing until I found an easy and suitable design style to represent what I wanted. The idea was to find something that didn’t run into the usual challenges of getting the perfect 3D print, so I started experimenting with low-poly."

3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik
Flowalistik 3D printed Squirtle on his Ultimaker 2


The first low-poly design he created called Squirtle was originally just a personal project. But as he was so happy with the result, he decided to share it and keep designing other videogame characters for people to enjoy. A key feature he wanted to instill into his designs was the ability for them to be 3D printed on any type of 3D printer, from the cheapest to the very best. We loved the initial low-poly models thanks to the awesome memories we had of these games. We contacted him and asked if he’d like to team up with us – he agreed. He’s now designed a series of low-poly characters exclusively for Ultimaker. These are available from today for everyone to download, print and enjoy.

3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik
Flowalistik designed an exclusive Low-Poly retro character set for Ultimaker
“I've always supported the open source idea of creating common knowledge, and sharing that knowledge with users and people to create incredible things together. I thought this was only possible on little projects with no budget, so I was very surprised when I discovered that Ultimaker, even as a pretty big company, still paid attention to the community and shared all the blueprints of their 3D printers.”

Of course we had to ask him why he was such a fan of Ultimaker: “When I unpacked the Ultimaker 2 for the first time I couldn't believe it was a 3D printer, it looked so professional compared with the 3D printers I’d seen before. There are two main reasons why I like this printer. First up – it's really easy to use it. I pretty much just took it out of the box, did a few minor calibrations, and it was ready to print. It meant I could spend my time developing projects or designing. The second thing, and probably the most important, is that the print quality is much better than any other 3D printer I've tried so far.”

3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik
3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik
3D printing low-poly models Flowalistik
Low-Poly Retro Character by Flowalistik

Flowalistik also joined us at the 3D Printshow in Madrid where he ate more tapas in 3 days, than he had in 10 years. “Working on the 3DPS was the best job I've had in my life. It was really interesting to discover how the industry works from the inside. We had the biggest stand but the Ultimaker team was so well organized. The experience really made me want to work with Ultimaker 24/7 as I could see they have some great values, they are very well organized and yet they’re still very relaxed.”

Find out more about Flowalistik in his Ultimaker community profile. Not convinced yet that you absolutely need to download and 3D print the new Low-Poly character set? Watch this absolutely weird, awesome, crazy, incredible timelapse below and then download the files through the prints page.