high quality detail 3d print worlds tinniest drill

World’s tiniest drill created through big ambition

3D printing knows no bounds and today it’s involved with manufacturing techniques printing intricate moving parts. This has happened purely through the curiosity and passion of creative minds to push the boundaries and give it a go. The heart of true makers.

At Ultimaker we like to explore the unknown too. And we’re really happy to see this happening in our community, with users combining their Ultimaker and creativity to push boundaries. This has led to some amazing innovations, products and even upgrades to the Ultimaker itself.

Lance at his desk
Lance at his desk

In this particular case, it led to the creation of the world’s tiniest drill by a ground-breaking maker – Lance Abernathy. He regularly uses power tools on a daily basis, and always felt tired by their weight.

Working with these tools all day can be pretty tiring, and now that I have a new favorite tool at hand, my Ultimaker, it got me thinking.

This initial spark led Lance to create the world’s smallest power tool. And it really works, with all the tiny parts printed on his Ultimaker. Obviously, it’s not as effective on a piece of hardwood as its big brother, but it is a small first step towards a new direction of moving miniatures.

Ultimaker 2 printing drill
Lance soldering
Building the tiniest drill

The boundaries of what we thought was possible has once again been pushed back. And did Lance stop there? Not at all, he continued his streak of innovation by making a miniature sized circular saw and angle grinder too.

Tiniest saw
Lance's tiny power tools

Lance’s big idea was to create something small. Our friend Joris’ big idea was to go supersize. In a very big way! Check out his Z-Unlimited project.

And in case you were wondering if Lance’s drill is indeed worlds smallest?

We have the Guinness Book of World Records to back us up!

Guinness World Record