3D printing the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy 3000 mkIV

3D printing the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy 3000 mkIV

  • Written by Guy Sie
    Feb 25, 2016

Can't get enough of 3D printing Fallout 4 models after building the mini nuke we featured two weeks ago? It's time to take the next step! After getting your fill of Fat Man ammunition, now you can put the finishing touches on your Fallout vault dweller outfit by creating your very own Pip-Boy.

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Screenshot

The Pip-Boy is the arm-mounted computing device worn by the player character in Fallout 4 that acts as a database and inventory during gameplay. The mkIV version updates the Pip-Boy from the version in the previous Fallout game to the latest and greatest version in Fallout 4, which changes the control layout and adds a tape deck.

Bethesda made a splash when they announced that Fallout 4 would also come in a limited Pip-Boy edition, which contained not just the game but an actual arm mounted Pip-Boy. By inserting your smartphone and using a special iOS, Android or Windows app the Pip-Boy would act as a second screen during gameplay, letting you manage inventory, view the map, play mini-games, do all kinds of cool stuff.

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition
Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition

But the Pip-Boy was only available in this extremely limited edition and most fans were just out of luck. So of course, the 3D printing community came to the rescue. We'd like to show you Dragonator's build, which uses your smartphone, and Adafruit's build which uses a Raspberry Pi!

Dragonator Phone-based Pip-Boy

The first one out of the gate in July was Dragonator (23-year-old mechanical engineer Yvo de Haas), who had already created a Fallout 3 version of the Pip-Boy earlier. He created his model based on the trailer and E3 preview videos, before the game was even out.

Dragonator added Pip-Boy images to his download packages that you can use in your phone's photo app to make it look almost like the real thing. Though there is nothing to stop you from using it the same way as the official Bethesda version: Start the official Pip-Boy app on your phone, slide the phone into the Pip-Boy and away we go!

Pip-Boy 3000 breakout

The files are available on Dragonator's site and include painting tips and a full assembly manual. The Pip-Boy comes in 3 sizes to fit different wrists and phones.

Adafruit Pi-based Pip-Boy

This February the Ruiz brothers created a new version for Adafruit: a fully self-contained Pip-Boy project. Instead of relying on your smartphone the Adafruit version uses a Raspberry Pi with a PiTFT screen running on a 2200mAh battery to form a fully functioning computer on your arm!

The Adafruit guide has a complete list of necessary parts, all the STL files available for printing and comprehensive step by step explanation of assembly. They've even added a special software image that functions as the operating system for the Pi, letting you navigate through Pip-Boy menus just like the in-game version. And to make it even better the Pi is wifi connected, which allows it to download actual maps and display the surrounding terrain to you in glorious retro green graphics.

We can't wait to see which Pip-Boys you're all going to build. Show them off to the rest of the Ultimaker community by uploading pictures to the 3D Prints section!