Joris invented Z-Unlimited for extra height

Joris van Tubergen

  • Written by Sander van Geelen
    Jan 6, 2015

Every month we’ll introduce a community member who has really embraced the freedom and creativity that comes with 3D printing. The honor of our very first introduction goes to the legendary Joris van Tubergen.

Joris: "Back when Ultimaker was first developed I was running the FabLab ProtoSpace together with Siert Wijnia, who is now the CEO of Ultimaker. We held a bunch of workshops about building your own 3D printer, which at the time attracted mainly techies who liked building robots. The fact that it could actually print in 3D was not really why they were there."

Like many others from our community, Joris actively contributed to a few key developments with the Ultimaker and ended up as a power user and ambassador. He really took to the roll in earnest, creating and registering many amazing innovations. For instance, it was Joris who was the first to convert the Ultimaker Original into a Chocolate printer. And he’s even printed a full size elephant. 

Joris van Tubergen - Prints
Some sweet prints by Joris

"Almost all the projects I do revolve around my Ultimaker. What I like about it is that you can’t really press the wrong button – because there’s only one. Besides that, I believe something isn’t broken unless you’re no longer able to repair it. And because you can build an Ultimaker yourself, 9 out of 10 times you’ll also be able to repair it yourself. That makes it very reliable and enjoyable."

Almost all the projects I do revolve around my Ultimaker. What I like about it is that you can’t really press the wrong button – because there’s only one.
Joris van Tubergen 2

“I still really enjoy hosting workshops and teaching other people what I do with my Ultimaker. I want to open up their eyes and hopefully inspire them to believe they can make their own things too. It’s not a trick, everyone can learn to do what I do. A key aspect of my work is sticking to my philosophy: make it in one hour! The goal is to get something done as fast as possible. If I can make a prototype in one hour, I’m certain it will be improved by the end of the day. If not it could take a week, a month or more.”

Joris van Tubergen 3

Joris's creations

Ultimaker Choco-hack

He was the first to transform an Ultimaker into a chocolate printer.

Scream room

Created as a stand-alone art installation, Joris converted the sonic power of people’s screams into beautiful real life 3D models.

Embed RFID tags

He’s also put RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags into prints, which means the object’s original design is embedded inside so it can be easily distributed.

3D Print factory

For a pop-up store in New York, he created a 12 machine production line, operable from just his mobile phone where he could, in theory, create 10,000 objects a week.

Weekly Cups

Every week in 2013 Joris designed, printed and shared an incredible new cup design.

Unlimited Z

Joris printed a full sized elephant by hacking an Ultimaker Original, to raise awareness of elephant captivity. Yes, you read that correctly, a full-sized 1:1 elephant.

Joris with his Unlimited Z
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