Father designed custom fit mask for baby

Little Baby-mask

Every now and then I hear a story which really opens my eyes and shows me what an amazing future we are headed for.

Via our social media channels I was made aware of Luis Cordoba, and what he was able to do for his newborn son.

His son, Luis Fernando, was diagnosed with early asthma that he inherited from his father.

This is treatable with salbutamol in spray mist.

Unfortunately, being an infant, the mask does not properly cover the babies face and much of the drug is lost in process.

Luis Cordoba already won an Ultimaker with a challenge before, so he is familiar with modeling in 3D.

He saw an opportunity to contribute in improving the life of his son by developing a better mask so he could inhale more of the medicine and the treatment would last shorter.

What is great, is that the entire project took less than a day (!). Including print test and final print.

He set his Ultimaker to print the final mask during the evening, and when he woke up, his perfect-fit baby mask was done.

He sanded the edges down a bit to make them softer, but hardly did any post processing besides that.

Luis Cordoba documented everything very well, and pictures can be found here.

I am thankful for Luis Cordoba because he wanted to share this personal story with us.

A very good example of what you can do with an Ultimaker.

I have been told that baby-boy Luis Fernando is already doing much better and is getting healthier as we speak.