Ultimaker PVA Removal Station next to 3D printed parts

Ultimaker PVA Removal Station

Simple post-processing. Faster parts

Make printing complex designs faster and easier. The Ultimaker PVA Removal Station dissolves support material quickly and effectively, keeping operator time to a minimum and increasing productivity.

Available in select European countries only. Available worldwide: Summer 2022

El prototipado es ahora aún más rápido y más fácil.

Dissolves PVA up to 4x faster¹

Less post-processing operator time¹

Use with Ultimaker or 3rd-party PVA

Just add water. No chemicals, no mess

PVA Removal Station con una pieza en 3D dentro

Remove PVA up to 4x faster

Shrink your post-processing time

High-speed water circulation driven by a magnetic rotor removes PVA up to four times faster than motionless water, even from hard-to-reach cavities. So you have your parts post-processed and ready to use as soon as possible.

PVA Removal Station operation

Menor esfuerzo y mayor productividad

Reduzca el tiempo de funcionamiento hasta en un 80 %¹

La Ultimaker PVA Removal Station solo necesita unos minutos de tiempo del operador por impresión y tiene necesidades mínimas de mantenimiento. Solo tiene que pulsar el botón de inicio, dejar que haga su trabajo y recoger la impresión cuando esté lista.

Principales características

    Technical specifications

    Container volume

    13.7 liters (3.6 US gal)

    Maximum part size

    200 x 230 x 165 mm
    (7.8 x 9 x 6.4 in)

    Supported materials

    Optimized for: PLA and PVA 
    Also suitable for: PETG, Tough PLA, Nylon, or CPE in combination with PVA 
    (Also supports equivalent third-party materials) 

    Supported solvents


    Rotor speed

    225 RPM (normal)
    100 RPM (low)

    Operating sound

    < 50 dBA 

    Flujo de trabajo de diseño a impresión simplificado

    Utilizar la PVA Removal Station en 3 sencillos pasos

    PVA Removal Station docking system


    Fill the container with tap water, place it back on the docking station, and place your 3D print inside.

    Encuentre un distribuidor de Ultimaker cerca de usted

    Disponible en todo el mundo: verano de 2022

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        ¹ Compared with dissolving PVA in motionless water in an improvised container
        ² Times may differ and increase this range depending on the size and density of the support structure
        ³ PVA is a biodegradable material. In most cases the water can be disposed of down the drain, providing the waste water distribution network is connected to a wastewater treatment plant. We recommend you check local regulations for more guidance