Terri-Ann dela Cruz – Application Engineer

Our work is like magic. If you can imagine it, you can probably make it.

Before Ultimaker, I did not have any experience with 3D printing, so I didn’t fully grasp the capabilities of this technology and what it could do for the world. I actually just came across a job opening at Ultimaker and I remember thinking ‘cool, new technology, a lot of geeks working on it, I am in’. It was only until later that I realized Ultimaker was able to make real changes. For example, there are 3D printers at the International Space Station and on Dutch Navy boats. If something breaks, and they need to repair it, they can just print it. The possibilities are endless, and you can really make things happen. If you can imagine it, you can probably make it.

Experience 3D printing from end-to-end

Our work is kind of like magic. People often don’t know what is going on with 3D printing and only see the result, so they wonder and marvel at how things work. Like with the Dutch Navy, they printed a hook that can carry a whole tank! Of course, it is even more awesome when you know how it works. As an Application Engineer you experience this from end-to-end. Myself I am the type of person that likes the technical side combined with the interaction with customers. I like to see how our products are used out there. That is why I do consultations on the software side. Customers, channel managers or our partners ask me questions and I give all the information and possibilities to help them use our products as efficiently as possible.

Find the perfect solution

I sometimes think about my role like a clothing store, where people walk past and see the shop window, get interested and say: ‘that is a nice blouse, I want to try it’. Before they do, they often will have a few questions regarding measurements, fitting or fabric types. I am the person that helps them with these questions. I advise them other types of clothing that might fit better and find them the perfect solution. Thus, I am not the person that attracts the customer inside, but I am the person that makes them stay. That is the essence of my job at Ultimaker.

Openness and involvement are key

I really value the openness and involvement at Ultimaker.  A lot of our products are open source, so everyone can contribute to them, even from outside the company. But this also applies inside Ultimaker. People are not afraid to speak their mind and are very transparent. And everybody is so helpful. Whenever I have a request from a customer, I break it down and when I realize it has to be a joint effort, I call in my colleagues. Collaboration is really important.

Fun get-togethers

There is always something going on at Ultimaker. Aside from the work we do, we often have get-togethers where we use the printers, play games and eat together. The majority of the people working at Ultimaker is relatively young and we are very international. When you go to the office, there is such an easy and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is in casual clothes and the hallway in our office in Geldermalsen is full of cool geeky stuff, like Doctor Who. And even right now, in the middle of the pandemic, we still host game nights. It’s a lot of fun.