Ultimaker 3D Printing Sentiment Index 2021

Created to help the global 3D printing community monitor and identify growth opportunities, the Ultimaker 3D Printing Sentiment Index provides free access to a comprehensive sentiment dataset.

World map showing 3D Printing Sentiment Index rankings
3D Printing Sentiment index 2021 rankings

This year's rankings

3D Printing Sentiment Index 2021

Which countries are ahead in additive manufacturing? How do top applications and most-used materials vary around the world?

Take a look at country-by-country analysis of this year's research to see which have the highest expectations for implementing additive manufacturing and capitalizing on its opportunities.

Key global insights

How is 3D printing used and perceived worldwide?

Adoption and awareness

Although awareness has increased since last year, 29% of businesses who could potentially use 3D printing have no current familiarity with the technology. This means there is still considerable untapped opportunity in industries worldwide​.

Adoption of 3D printing also increased in 2020, likely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses looked for more reliable solutions for prototyping and local manufacturing, less at risk from global volatility. While 1-in-3 businesses surveyed are currently using 3D printing, the Index data shows it is only fully embedded in 1-in-10.

Awareness and adoption of printing in this year's Index

What is '3D printing sentiment'?

The indicators behind the index... explained


The 3D Printing Sentiment Index is a key initiative in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable manufacturing.

Conducted by Savanta at the end of 2020, it combines and quantifies the individual voice of end-users and macro-economic indicators into one metric.

The results are drawn from:

  • 2,525 professionals

  • 12 countries

The data behind the 3D Printing Sentiment Index