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Ultimaker software partners - Castor

CASTOR is a part identification software, which means that it solves the initial problem of finding the right parts that makes sense, both technically and economically to 3D print.

By analyzing CAD files and providing feedback on a part-by-part basis, CASTOR allows re-design for AM and recommends a suitable technology and material for printing parts while maintaining the required functionality. CASTOR automates the time-consuming process of screening parts and highlights business opportunities for cost reduction and lead time savings.

Its integration with Ultimaker allows users to directly export their parts from CASTOR to their in-house Ultimaker 3D printer, then seamlessly complete the process of 3D printing their parts. The connectivity saves effort and time spent switching between platforms, and aving and exporting files to a different platform, simplifying and streamlining workflows.

For more information on Castor and the cooperation with Ultimaker, you can watch our webinar “5 great tools for your 3D printing tech stack”. At Castor’s booth #12.0 B81J, demonstrations will be given using the integration of Castor on the Ultimaker platform including an Ultimaker S5 Printer and on Thursday 18th November 10am, Castor will host a presentation on the TCT Stage, where Ultimaker’s Roger Bergs is guest speaker.

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