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3D printer onboarding

3D Printing Academy course

Learn how to get started with your Ultimaker S3, S5, or S5 Pro Bundle 3D printer, from unboxing to your first print. These courses are available now to customers who register their Ultimaker S3, S5, or S5 Pro Bundle.

Unboxing an Ultimaker 3D printer

What you'll learn

This course provides a host of useful information, no matter if you've already unboxed and installed your printer, or you're right at the beginning of the process. You can start the course wherever works best for you – unboxing the printer, understanding all the box contents, setting up your workspace, and finally getting started with using the printer.

Featured courses

Featured courses (8)

  • Ultimaker Essentials card image

    Introduction to Ultimaker Essentials

    Available now

    Learn about the Ultimaker software tools included and how to use them to maximum effect.

    • IT admin
  • Ultimaker Digital Factory 3D printing cloud platform

    Network security

    Available now

    Learn how to connect a printer to the network and how to improve network security.

    • IT admin
  • Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 3D printing

    Introduction to Ultimaker Cura Enterprise

    Available now

    Learn all about the enterprise version of Ultimaker's award-winning slicer software.

    • IT admin
  • Updating Ultimaker firmware

    Firmware updates

    Available now

    Ensure your 3D printer is up to date and secure with the latest firmware

    • IT admin
  • Ultimaker 3D printer family

    3D printer onboarding courses

    Available now

    Learn how to get started with your Ultimaker S3, S5, or S5 Pro Bundle.

  • 3d-printing-materials-online-course-og

    Materials for FFF 3D printing

    Coming soon

    Explore the properties of the main materials used in 3D printing and learn how to choose the right material for your project.

  • design-for-3d-printing-cad-course-og

    Design for FFF 3D printing

    Coming soon

    Master the CAD skills needed to design parts intended for 3D printing with FFF.

  • ultimaker-cura-course-og

    Ultimaker Cura features

    Coming soon

    Become an Ultimaker Cura expert by mastering features across recommended and custom modes to optimize your print results.