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LimbForge helps clinicians develop 3D printed prosthetic limbs for amputees in developing countries like Haiti. These low-cost prosthetics are tailor-made to fit individual needs and can reach those areas that were previously inaccessible to prosthetic care.

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Low-cost, 3D printed prosthetics for Haitian amputees

Because it is one of the poorest countries in the world, Haiti is hit hard by natural disasters. The 2010 earthquake impacted millions of people. In October 2016, a hurricane again destroyed many people's livelihoods, reminding us of the unfortunate situation of this country.

  • Haiti
  • 10.6mln inhabitants
  • 1.784 US $ GDP (PPP)
    per capita
    US per capita
    GDP: 57,294 US $

LimbForge is the Enable Community Foundation’s open source effort to make 3D printing technology more accessible to health clinicians, allowing them to provide affected locals with affordable, 3D printed prosthetic limbs to help reach the estimated 33 million people living with limb loss and without prosthetic rehabilitation.

  • Global
  • 35mln people live with
    limb loss
  • 5% of these have access
    to prosthetics care
  • Problem

    Prosthetics are generally inaccessible to amputees in Haiti

    Living with limb loss has significant social implications on top of its practical inconvenience. Amputees often feel excluded from social activities, and asking for help in doing daily chores is not accepted in some cultures. Conventional prosthetics come at unaffordable prices, and the country’s poor infrastructure makes it difficult to supply them even if they were affordable. As a consequence, prosthetics are largely unavailable for amputees in Haiti.

  • Solution

    LimbForge helps clinicians provide low-cost prosthetics

    By providing multidisciplinary training, capacity building, tools, and technology to humanitarian NGOs, prosthetists, and other clinicians, LimbForge allows locals to offer 3D printed, culturally-appropriate prosthetics that can be produced cheaply and on the spot in skin tone-matching colors and tailor-made sizes. The devices are designed in close collaboration with patients and prosthetists to ensure that they meet the needs of patients.

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The overarching goal of LimbForge is to scale in the developing world by providing training, technology, and tools to humanitarian NGOs and local clinicians. They provide a scalable, sustainable solution to the need for low-cost prosthetics in developing countries. Field testing, clinical case studies, and additional research and development will continue in Haiti and will be expanded to the Middle East during 2017. Support this cause by clicking the button below, or share this page on your social networks to show your support.

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