Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

The 2020 Ultimaker Innovators list

Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

Inspiration, impact, diversity – innovation. The Ultimaker Innovators list puts the spotlight on individuals or groups using 3D printing to transform the ways people work, think, and live.

It is the first in what will become a yearly celebration of 3D printing technology and the impactful results than can be achieved through its use. Innovation is the driving force behind Ultimaker, and we encourage and support the advancement of the 3D printing industry. As such, we believe that those working within the industry should be celebrated – especially those who are using 3D printing to create, improve, innovate, and transform at high levels.

From architecture to manufacturing, from automotive to healthcare – and everywhere in between – we believe the 2020 Ultimaker Innovators list is a great way to send off the year – and start a new one.

Who are the 2020 Ultimaker Innovators?

    • erik-cederberg-og-

      Erik Cederberg

      Co-owner, CTO, 3DVerskstan; cofounder, Stockholm Makerspace – Stockholm, Sweden

    • Michael Peirone - ultimaker innovator - og

      Michael Peirone

      COO, Victoria Hand Project – British Columbia, Canada

    • Dr. Gokul Krishnan - ultimaker innovator - og

      Dr. Gokul Krishnan

      Founder, Maker Therapy – USA

    • Adi Pandzic - The 2020 Ultimaker Innovators list og

      Adi Pandzic

      Researcher and PhD student, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

    • asli-darwin-og

      Asli Oney and Darwin Diaz

      Digital Fabrication Manager, Digital Fabrication Technologist, KPF – New York City

    • Niklas Eutebach and the igus 3D printing team - ultimaker innovators - og

      Niklas Eutebach and the Igus 3D printing team

      Igus GmbH – Cologne, Germany

    • Lidewij van Twillert - ultimaker innovator - og

      Lidewij van Twillert

      Design Engineer & Founder, Arí van Twillert – Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    • Dr. Lars Brouwers - ultimaker innovator - og

      Dr. Lars Brouwers

      Cofounder, Medical 3D Lab at Elisabeth Tweesteden Hospital – Tilburg, the Netherlands

    • Caroline-Keep-ultimaker-innovator

      Caroline Keep

      Director of Spark Penketh, Penketh High School – Penketh, UK

    • Dr. Robert Pugliese - ultimaker innovators - og

      Dr. Robert Pugliese

      Director of Innovation Design, Innovation Pillar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Health Design Lab, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health – Philadelphia, USA

    • Matt Torosian - ultimaker innovator - og

      Matt Torosian and the Jabil team

      Jabil Additive – Minnesota, USA

    • Matthew Forrester - ultimaker innovator - og

      Matthew Forrester, Anne Debauge, and the L'Oréal additive manufacturing team

      L'Oréal – Clichy, France

    • Aldo Hoebe - ultimaker innovator - og

      Aldo Hoeben

      Founder, – the Netherlands

    • Thiago Medeiros Araujo - ultimaker innovators - og

      Thiago Medeiros Araujo

      Market Development, LEHVOSS Group – Germany

    • Marcus Schindler - ultimaker innovator - og

      Marcus Schindler

      CEO, Schubert Additive Solutions GmbH – Crailshem, Germany

    • Maciej Gorski - ultimaker innovator - og

      Maciej Gorski – Cloakfield

      Artist – London, England

    • Kyle Krivitsky - ultimaker innovator - og

      Kyle Krivitsky

      Process Engineer, Continental – Georgia, USA

    • Joris van Tubergen - ultimaker innovator - og

      Joris van Tubergen – rooiejoris

      Digital Fabrication Expert – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    • Jeremy Robinson - ultimaker innovator - og

      Jeremy Robinson

      Motocross Racing Technologist at Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

    • Ian Falconer - ultimaker innovator - og

      Ian Falconer

      Founder, Fishy Filaments – Cornwall, UK

    • Ernest Bou Grau - ultimaker innovator - og

      Ernest Bou Grau

      Cofounder, EMES3D – Barcelona, Spain

    • Cody Cochran - ultimaker innovator - og

      Cody Cochran

      Cofounder, Azoth LLC – Michigan, USA

    • Dr. Charles Mire and Dr. Andrew Finkle - ultimaker innovators - og

      Dr. Charles Mire and Dr. Andrew Finkle

      Cofounders, – Canada

    • CAPT Brad Baker - ultimaker innovators og

      CAPT Brad Baker

      Associate Professor, United States Naval Academy – Maryland, USA

    • Tobias Rödlmeier - ultimaker innovators - og

      Tobias Rödlmeier

      BASF Forward AM – Heidelberg, Germany

    • Tom Gray - ultimaker innovators - og

      Tom Gray

      CEO and co-creator, Make48 – USA

    • Dr. Adrian Bowyer - ultimaker innovator - og

      Dr. Adrian Bowyer

      Inventor, the RepRap Project – Bath, England