Tips and Tricks in Perfecting the First Layer Adhesion

Tips and tricks in perfecting the first layer adhesion

Good first layer adhesion can determine the success of your prints by preventing them from loosening and warping.

In this 19-minute webinar, Ultimaker APAC’s Application Engineer Ng Kwan Teng will share tips on how to improve the adhesion of your print to the build plate, so you can avoid wasting precious time, material and money:

  • Learn about the great features in our Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and Ultimaker S3 that aid in better adhesion

  • Find out how the S5 Air Manager provides a stable printing environment, and how this improves build plate adhesion

  • Adhesion methods differ from each material; learn about the best practices for preparing your print surface

  • How to optimize Ultimaker Cura settings and design orientation to improve adhesion