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Jeanine Graat - Partner Marketing Program Manager

You can make almost anything you imagine. Seeing what my colleagues create inspires me every day!”

When I first walked into the Ultimaker office, I immediately got that sense of creativity, the maker feeling. The energy was so good, and I really connected with that. That’s why I was determined to get this job. 3D printing was completely new for me, of course I had seen it on TV, but once I got acquainted with the technology, it really blew my mind with what you can do. It is a great industry to be in.

Building bridges

On a daily basis, I create the coolest marketing programs with our ecosystem partners. These are partnerships with material companies for example, they create profiles that can be printed within the Ultimaker platform. We try to make them ambassadors of our products and software by setting up joint programs like webinars and podcast episodes. We also aim to be at as many events as possible to create visibility. The 2021 trade show was a great success for example. We had loan printers in everyone's booth and made a recap film to show the world what happened there. We got so much positive feedback from our ecosystem partners, and that made me really proud. You also find our values, openness, involvement, trust, magic and transformation, in the connections we have with our partners. This way, we are able to reflect the Ultimaker DNA towards the outside world.

We value the values

Those values are also very important within the company. Openness resonates most with me, it fits best with me and my role. Though involvement is a big one as well, I like to invite others to join and participate. Transformation relates to the company and the 3D printing industry, because driving that change is crucial. The magic is what you see the people doing, but it also reflects our ambassadors who go the extra mile. Lastly, trust, we say what we do and are transparent and accepting. We also expect that from our people, do what you promise and stick to it.

Every day is different

There is no such thing as a typical workday for me, I am in touch with so many people within and outside of the organization, that every day is different. I basically have two roles, one where I build our relationships with ecosystem partners, and the other where I work on internal communications. I am very proud of the things we create, like one of our communication platforms where we host ‘talk shows’ to spark informal conversations between colleagues in different departments. Being able to listen to other people’s insights creates an open environment where a lot of knowledge can be shared.

Create whatever you want

Seeing what my colleagues create inspires me every day. Personally, I am not that technical, but if you know how to use the software and match the right material properties with what you want to print, you really can make almost anything you can imagine. My kids love it as well. We make unicorns and Minecraft figures with the printer we got from Ultimaker at home, they are
really fond of it.