Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

Adi Pandzic

Researcher and phD student, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina


In 2014, Adi Pandzic and two friends from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina started the CGPdesign team. The team’s goal was to teach Bosnian students how to use CAD software such as solidworks, AutoCAD, and Catia. Soon after, Pandzic began conducting free 3D printing workshops months. Pandzic and the CGPdesign team have so far taught thousands of university students to use both CAD software and 3D printing technology.

“We are now the most famous team in the country, doing all of that and helping people get started using the technology,” Pandzic says. “I also helped many companies start using 3D printers. Now, we have hundreds of Ultimaker 3D printers all over Bosnia, from schools and faculties to makerspaces, to the biggest companies in country.”

Adi Pandzic in his makerspace
Adi Pandzic works in his makerspace

Additionally, Pandzic’s team was the first in Bosnia to begin using 3D printers to manufacture face shields at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, eventually creating more than 5,000 of the potentially life-saving devices. Pandzic, who is also an engineer and product designer, is currently focusing on research in the field of FFF 3D printing materials – a topic that is the theme of his PhD research.

I am working every day, testing materials and 3D printers. That is what I really want to do with my future – as well as teach students and new generations about this great technology.

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