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Taking 5th spot in the 3D Printing Sentiment Index for the second year running, China is among the largest 3D printing markets with significant room for growth.

China applications and materials
Perceived benefits in China

The installed base of printers in China is substantial but not the largest in the world (although it is one of the largest). And given the size of the Chinese economy, this would suggest there is substantial potential for future growth.

3D printing is widely adopted across Chinese industry compared to other countries (although, as the total installed base is still less than the US, this would imply relatively small numbers of printers in use on average overall).

While positive sentiment was lower than the previous year when asked about the impact of 3D printing on business in the next 12 months, China's increased awareness, adoption, and knowledge levels point to the trends a maturing market – but one that still has significant room for growth.

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