What is the Ultimaker Ecosystem of Partners?

The Ultimaker Ecosystem of Partners is a unique network of exceptional companies
that can take Ultimaker 3D printers to the next level, unlocking the full
potential of Ultimaker 3D printers. With partners ranging from software
companies to material and hardware manufacturers, it is possible to enable a
whole new world of possibilities to create applications never thought possible.

What are Solutions, and how are they different from partner products?

Solutions go beyond partner products, such as filaments or software plug-ins, in that they solve a clear customer need or problem. Solutions typically consist of a combination of components that work together to address a customer’s particular problem or need. Solutions often include software, hardware, materials, services and customer support, as well as other associated components.

This means that customers get a comprehensive solution to their problem or need, rather than having to buy individual products that may or may not work together properly.

The result is a promise to customers that this solution can solve their problem and fulfill their need, because it has been tested and includes everything required to be successful, including detailed instructions, tips and tricks.

Can I become a Partner?

Yes, most certainly! Any partner or group of partners can join the ecosystem and have its solution published that:

  • Provides an accessory product for Ultimaker customers

  • That, together with Ultimaker products, solves clear customer problem or need

  • With a clear focus on a specific customer segment (horizontal, vertical)

  • With products that are commercially available, e.g. that customers can buy

  • With clear instructions on how to be successful with every print, preferably a detailed protocol so it cannot go wrong, and

  • Providing sample project files with sample application objects

What is the process to join?

The process to join the Ecosystem and have your Solution listed on our page is very straightforward:

  • Download the template and fill it in

  • Send it to us, and we will get back to you asap

If all is clear and valid, we will add it to the Solutions page instantly

Frequenly Asked Questions

Can I propose modifications to Ultimaker hardware?

Only modifications are allowed that do not change the warranty status of the Ultimaker products. For example, third party materials are allowed, while modifying

There is already a solution for the same problem. Can I publish mine?

The Ultimaker Ecosystem is open to all partners providing solutions. Sometimes these solutions will be (partially) competing. Competition brings out the best in us, and we encourage partners to publish all solutions for a particular customer need. So: yes.