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World rank: 3rd

Maintaining 3rd place in the 3D Printing Sentiment Index, the German economy drives Europe’s most significant 3D printing growth prospect.

Germany applications and materials
Perceived benefits in Germany

Germany has the third largest installed base of 3D printers globally, behind the US and the UK. Of course, Germany also represents one of the larger economies in our survey.

The proportion of people claiming expert or advanced knowledge is one of the strongest in the surveyed countries at 25%. That said the sheer size of the German economy would make its future potential the most significant in Europe over the longer term. Almost half of German respondents believe the technology will have a positive impact on their own business next year and its benefits are acknowledged by around three quarters across all applications of the technology.

Printing with carbon fiber is a little less prevalent that elsewhere. The number of respondents printing end-use parts in Germany has increased significantly compared to the previous Index.

As with other countries, Germans see the primary challenges as knowledge and skills related. 25% worry they lack the skillset to get the best out of the technology, although this has dropped from 42% in last year's Index.

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