Terms and conditions: Sweepstakes

Ultimaker B.V. (Ultimaker) offers end-customers (the Customer) the opportunity to participate in a sweepstakes in which Ultimaker offers an Ultimaker S3 for free to one of the participating Customers (the Sweepstakes, subject to the terms and conditions set out herein (the Sweepstakes Conditions).

1. Participation

A Customer may participate in the Sweepstakes between January 21 (the Start Date) and January 26 (the End Date) by completing the information request form. Any participation or completion of the information request form after the End Date shall not be included in the Sweepstakes.

Note: The Sweepstakes will follow Central European Time. The Sweepstakes will start at 12:01 am of the Start Date and will end at 12:00 am of the End Date.

2. Conditions

Each Customer may only submit one information request form per person and as such with only one entry participate in the Sweepstakes.

All incomplete information request forms will be rejected and such Customer shall be excluded from the Sweepstakes.

The Sweepstakes shall be held within 7 days after the End Date. The winner shall be chosen at random using industry standard random number generation methods.

The outcome of the Sweepstakes is to be determined by Ultimaker. No Customer is entitled to any explanation or complaint in respect of the Sweepstakes and the outcome thereof. Ultimaker is under no obligation to provide any further information on the Sweepstakes to any Customer.

The winner of the Sweepstakes shall be informed by e-mail ([email protected]) within 7 days after the Raffle has been held. To claim the Ultimaker S3, the winner needs to respond and claim the price within 28 days after receipt of the response claim.

Ultimaker shall send the Ultimaker S3 to the winner within 7 days after the date of the winner claimed the price, unless reasonably impossible – for example due to Covid-19 restrictions. In such event, the Ultimaker S3 shall be sent as soon as reasonably possible.

The winner of the Sweepstakes is not entitled to change the prize won, i.e. an Ultimaker S3, for any cash equivalent.

3. Miscellaneous

By submitting the information request form and participating in the Sweepstakes, Customer agrees and gives consent that Ultimaker may use the data set out in the information request form for marketing purposes, including but not limited to including such data in its CRM system. Reference is made to Ultimaker’s privacy statement, which sets out how such data is processed. The Ultimaker privacy statement can be found here.

Ultimaker reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions as well as amend, suspend or terminate the Sweepstakes at any time without prior notice and without specifying any reason.

By participating in this Sweepstakes, Customer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts the Terms and Conditions stated herein and the decision of Ultimaker on every aspect of the Sweepstakes shall be final and binding. If Customer does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, it should not participate in the Sweepstakes.

Customer may not assign any of its rights under these Terms and Conditions and/or the Sweepstakes.

In case part of these Terms and Conditions should be or become void or non-binding, the remaining part shall be binding. Ultimaker shall replace the void or non-binding part by provisions that are valid and binding and of which the consequences, given the contents and intention of these Terms and Conditions, approximate the consequences of the void or non-binding parts to the extent possible.

These Terms and Conditions and the Sweepstakes shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands and any dispute shall be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.