Ultimaker S5 3D printer and PVA Removal Station

Ultimaker PVA Removal Station bundles

Buy an Ultimaker S-line printer and get up to 50% off the PVA Removal Station

Speed up your production workflow with an Ultimaker 3D printer and the new PVA Removal Station – which dissolves PVA supports up to 4x faster¹. And if you're fast, you can get a great discount on this exclusive bundle!

Available from select resellers only. Offer valid until June 30, 2022

고속 프로토타이핑이 더욱 빨라지고 더욱 간단해졌습니다.

최대 4배 빠른 PVA 제거¹

후처리 시간 단축¹

Ultimaker 또는 타사 PVA와 함께 사용

그냥 물만 추가 해주세요. 화학 물질과 이물질이 없습니다.

내부에 3D 객체가 있는 PVA Removal Station

Remove PVA up to 4x faster

Shrink your post-processing time

High-speed water circulation driven by a magnetic rotor removes PVA up to four times faster than motionless water, even from hard-to-reach cavities. So you have your parts post-processed and ready to use as soon as possible.

PVA Removal Station 작동

적은 노력, 높은 생산성

최대 80%까지 작동자 시간 감소¹

Ultimaker PVA Removal Station은 최소한의 유지 보수 필요가 필요하며 3D 객체당 단 몇 분만 소요됩니다. 시작 버튼을 누르고 작업을 수행하도록 하고, 준비가 되면 3D 객체를 가져오세요.

3D 디자인에서 인쇄까지의 워크플로우 간소화

간단한 3단계로 PVA Removal Station 사용하기

PVA Removal Station 도킹 시스템


컨테이너를 수돗물로 채우고, 도킹 스테이션에 다시 배치하고, 3D 객체를 안에 넣습니다.

A 3D print with PVA removed

Working together to speed up your production workflow

Follow the link below and we'll connect you with a local reseller to take you through the final steps to order your Ultimaker 3D printer and PVA Removal Station bundle⁴.

¹ Compared with dissolving PVA in motionless water in an improvised container
² Times may differ and increase this range depending on the size and density of the support structure
³ PVA is a biodegradable material. In most cases the water can be disposed of down the drain, providing the waste water distribution network is connected to a wastewater treatment plant. We recommend you check local regulations for more guidance
⁴ Offer applies on all Ultimaker S-line 3D printers purchased in combination with a PVA Removal Station from participating resellers. Discounter amount varies per printer