3D printing for food and beverage manufacturers

Free webinar | Viewing time: 50 minutes

3D printing is changing the game for the food and beverage manufacturers.

Want to learn how?

Join Director of Community Development, Matt Griffin, and Application Engineer, Jeremy Evers, as they reveal which 3D printing applications are working in this industry and how to quickly achieve results that dramatically increase productivity.

Here's what you can learn:

  • 2 simple criteria that Ultimaker application engineers use to identify new 3D printing applications that will achieve the biggest ROI

  • Examples of industry-proven applications that have saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars in reduced downtime

  • The complete category checklist that we use to ensure no potential 3D printing application goes undiscovered

  • What the future holds for 3D printing in the food and beverage industry in a post-pandemic market

  • And much more...

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A 3D printed (dis)assembly tool with improved ergonomics
Presented by Matt Griffin and application engineer, Jeremy Evers