ultimaker 2 family of 3d printers

Releasing our source files: the Ultimaker 2 Go and Extended are now available

Ever since we started, we’ve had a strong passion for being open source, sharing our ideas, philosophies and the blueprints for our 3D printers. We’ve witnessed first hand how much this has inspired innovation and really pushed the boundaries of what was possible with our 3D printers.

Ultimaker 2 Extended

Many innovations that led to the Ultimaker 2 family were community powered, ensuring it’s not just about what we believe is important, but also what our users want to see and use. They can not only shape their own personal workstations by modifying and improving their existing machines, but also influence the bigger picture by showing us where to go and how to get there.

As part of this strong belief in open source, we have a tradition that half a year after releasing a new printer, we release the blueprint for that machine too. That's why we've already released the files for the Ultimaker 2Ultimaker OriginalUltimaker Original+ and the Heated Bed Upgrade add-on.

Today we’re again honoring that tradition and completing the Ultimaker 2 family on github by releasing the files for the Ultimaker 2 Go and the Ultimaker 2 Extended to our users!

The DNA of each of these industry-leading 3D printers is a testament to the innovative energy that went into creating them. To everyone who has ever contributed to any of our printers, there is a little piece of you inside each of them. And with these files available to the world, who knows where it will take us – but that’s the excitement of open source, it’s an adventure we can take together.

Visit Ultimaker github repository