Ultimaker Cloud: Achieve more together using Teams

Imagine this:

You have a great new concept to 3D print, but your printers are kept in a separate office. You need the print ready today, but business security concerns prevent you from starting until you’re on the same network.

That kind of downtime can be frustrating when you have ideas to develop.

We have a solution: Teams in Ultimaker Cloud.

With Teams, pool your resources for better production efficiency. All you need is one or more Ultimaker 3D printer, an Ultimaker account, and an internet connection.

Here’s another real-life example from one of Ultimaker’s Systems Testers:

“Yesterday, Meike asked me if she could do a test with a specific group of printers. So, I created a team, and invited her to it. Without Ultimaker Cloud Teams, I would have had to walk all the way to the print room to make an account with the printer group and give her the password. Instead as part of a team, I can now log into Ultimaker Cura, and add the printer and it’s configuration without being on the same network.”

So how does Teams work?

Sign in and prepare prints in Ultimaker Cura. Each cloud-enabled Ultimaker 3D printer shared with your team is visible to all team members, no matter which network they are on.

There's no need to confirm the connection on the machine itself. As long as it’s shared in your team, it’s yours to control.

Each print job in your team is kept in a centralized queue, so every member is up-to-date on progress. You can assign an existing printer-group host to a team, and enjoy the benefits of a modern, connected workflow that’s accessible from anywhere – without the typical limitations of printing over a local network.

Ultimaker Cloud’s web-based dashboard means you can conveniently manage teams on your mobile or desktop device. Easily invite members by entering their email address, and an invitation will be sent to them for quick and easy setup. You can even invite multiple members at once.

With Ultimaker Cloud Teams, you can securely create and manage teams on any device – from anywhere in the world

There are added benefits to a cloud-connected workflow: encrypted connections mean that printing over a cloud network is more secure than printing over a local network. What’s more: access to particular print groups can be controlled.

Having printers, software, and now users connected together is real game-changer – and something our customers haven’t had so far

– said Chris ter Beke, Lead Engineer Cloud at Ultimaker. “With the release of Teams on Ultimaker Cloud, we’ve concentrated on getting the basics right as a solid first step toward managed cloud collaboration that supports truly global distributed manufacturing.”

Get started

Teams is available in Ultimaker Cloud right now. With the benefit of continuous deployment, Ultimaker Cloud will continue to offer innovative new features over time. All you need is an Ultimaker account.

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