Webinar recap: How to choose the right composite material

Ultimaker’s first webinar, “The 3D printing mindset: How to choose the right composite material,” was broadcast on January 22. It is the first in what will become a series of monthly webinars that focus on specific, deep-dive topics that we believe are important to Ultimaker users.

Where can you see it? 

You can view the webinar below:

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There, you can register with your name and email address, and immediately begin watching. 

What will you learn?

Ultimaker Application Engineers Lars de Jongh and Jeremy Evers host the webinar, which runs approximately 40 minutes and includes a live Q&A with Matt Griffin, Director of Community Development for Ultimaker Americas. During the entire webinar, viewers could ask questions via a chat function, download assets such as diagrams and comparison charts, and vote in polls.

Ultimaker Application Engineers Jeremy Evers, left, and Lars de Jongh record Ultimaker's first webinar

The recorded broadcast teaches viewers how to:

  • Identify high-value applications that would benefit from composites

  • Make the perfect choice between glass and carbon-fiber

  • 3D print advanced materials with the right settings

  • Select the best materials for 3D printing end-use parts

  • Use dual extrusion to take composite 3D printing to the next level

You’ll also get an up-close look at real-life examples of composite parts that Ultimaker Application Engineers have recently worked on and created for customers.

You really need to have a certain mindset to start off with tackling higher-requirement applications.

matt griffin webinar
Matt Griffin, Ultimaker's Director of Community Development, answers questions during the webinar's live Q&A

In the live Q&A, you’ll learn the answers to questions such as: 

  • Which material would you recommend starting with for your first composite print?

  • Is there a composite material that makes prints both stronger and more flexible?

  • What are the key differences between chopped fiber composites and continuous fiber? Why would you choose one over the other?

What’s next?

The next Ultimaker webinar, “The 3D printing mindset: Distributed manufacturing”, is scheduled for February 19, at 10am and 5pm CET. Keep an eye on Ultimaker’s social media channels in the coming weeks for a sign-up link. We look forward to seeing you there!

behind the scenes webinar
Behind the scenes at the first Ultimaker webinar

For more material-related content, check out our blog post comparing glass and carbon-fiber composites, or download our white paper on 3D printing applications. You can visit our Materials page to view various material and their properties, ensuring that you are making the right choice for developing ground-breaking applications.

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