Ultimaker Essentials service and learning level policy

Ultimaker offers 3 (three) service and learning levels in respect of Ultimaker Essentials: (i) Ultimaker Essentials Light, Ultimaker Essentials Standard and Ultimaker Essentials Advanced. The specifics of each of these service and learning levels are set out below.

Service and learningEssentials – LightEssentials – StandardEssentials – Advanced
Support – coverage5 x 8¹5 x 8¹5 x 24²
Support – response time³24 hours12 hours6 hours
CertificationIT adminIT admin + Associate coursesIT admin + Associate and Professional courses
Academy seats11 - 51 - 50

¹ During business hours on weekdays in CET timezone
² On weekdays in CET timezone
³ After submission of a ticket through the Ultimaker support desk

In the event you need support in respect of Ultimaker Essentials, please submit a ticket through the Ultimaker support desk. Ultimaker will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to each case within the applicable response time as indicated above. Actual resolution time depends on the specific circumstances of each case and the resolution required. The resolution will be determined by Ultimaker in its sole discretion.

In order for Ultimaker to resolve any issues reported, you agree to cooperate with and provide all reasonably necessary information to Ultimaker to enable Ultimaker to provide the requested support.

The service and learning levels as set out above only includes support in respect of Ultimaker Essentials and not general support in respect of – for example – the use of the Ultimaker Account.