Ultimaker CPE

Ultimaker CPE (co-polyester) material is an ideal choice for 3D printing functional prototypes and mechanical parts. This filament is formulated for chemical resistance, toughness, and reliable dimensional stability.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE


Ultimaker CPE material is developed for a seamless experience with Ultimaker hardware.

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • High toughness and dimensional stability

  • High impact strength

  • A range of colors to choose from, including grayscale for professional-looking models

Learn how to print with Ultimaker CPE
Blue chemical resistant funnel 3D printed with Ultimaker CPE

Example prints using Ultimaker CPE

  • Ultimaker CPE research lab custom funnel

    Adaptable and versatile

    UItimaker CPE material can be used in a range of different situations depending on your performance needs. Print functional prototypes or custom end-use parts.

  • Ultimaker CPE transparent tube connector that holds a sensor

    Reliable, chemical resistant parts

    Ultimaker CPE is a great choice for custom mechanical parts that require chemical resistant properties.

  • Wireless sensor casing 3D printed with Ultimaker CPE Green

    Complex geometries are easy

    Ultimaker CPE is tough and dimensionally stable, for functional prototypes that require rigorous testing before a production phase.