Ultimaker CPE+

Ultimaker CPE+ material is chemical resistant with high dimensional stability, with the added advantages of increased temperature resistance and higher impact strength compared to regular CPE.

Chemical filter casing printed with Ultimaker CPE+

Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE+


Ultimaker CPE+ 3D printing filament is more wear resistant compared to regular CPE material, for extremely tough and dimensionally stable functional prototypes that can withstand high temperatures.

  • Can withstand temperatures up to 100 °C

  • Higher impact strength than regular CPE

  • High toughness and dimensional stability for good mechanical performance

  • Excellent chemical resistance

Learn how to print with Ultimaker CPE+
Ultimaker CPE+ gear wheel

Example prints using Ultimaker CPE+

  • Ultimaker CPE plus durable gear

    Durable and temperature resistant

    Ultimaker CPE+ material properties offer increased thermal resistance and impact strength compared to regular CPE, for applications that need to stand up to wear and tear.

    Ultimaker CPE Plus electric motor mount

    Even tougher parts

    With increased toughness compared to regular CPE, Ultimaker CPE+ is an extremely durable material for prototypes that need to stand up to punishment.

    Ultimaker CPE Plus liquid tube filter

    Chemical resistant parts

    Ultimaker CPE+ properties are ideal for custom mechanical parts that need high chemical resistance.