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Ensinger TECAFIL PA6 GF30 Black

PA6 GF30 is a 30% glass fiber reinforced polyamide manufactured under the trade name TECAFIL PA6 GF30 black. It offers higher strength, rigidity, creep strength, and dimensional stability compared with unreinforced polyamide 6.

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The Ensinger Group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, composites, technical parts and profiles made of engineering and high-performance plastics. Further development of proven production tech¬niques, new applications and international expansion have earned this family-owned enterprise a place among the leaders in its field.

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Featured applications

    "Our first qualified material for Ultimaker. Due to its rigidity and strength, this glass-fiber reinforced polyamide is one of the strongest engineering plastics – most likely for use in mechanical engineering, electronics, or automotive applications."

    Dilara Yüce, Project Management Filaments, Ensinger


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