Ensinger TECAFIL PC FR Natural 3D print

Ensinger TECAFIL PC FR natural

TECAFIL PC FR natural is a flame retardant engineering grade filament tested according to FAR 25.853 and UL94 V-0. It’s particularly suitable for aerospace applications. Complex geometries or even larger components can be printed on desktop printers without warping. It is also a good alternative to high performance materials like PEI or PEEK.

Why choose Ensinger?


The Ensinger Group is engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of compounds, semi-finished materials, composites, technical parts and profiles made of engineering and high-performance plastics. Further development of proven production tech¬niques, new applications and international expansion have earned this family-owned enterprise a place among the leaders in its field.

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Featured applications

  • Ensinger fan print

    Functional prototypes

    Very good layer adhesion and low warping properties allow complex geometries for prototypes like fans. High strength and stiffness is ideal for the wings of the fan.

  • Ensinger cell holder part

    End-use parts

    These cell holders need to be flat for aerospace applications. This is the perfect use case for PC FR natural, due its low warping characteristics and high stiffness.

  • Ensinger air duct part

    Spare parts

    Functional end use parts like air ducts can be printed thanks to outstanding flammability properties and high impact-resistance – plus low warping and high mechanical strength.

My customers were pleased that we offer now a cost efficient alternative to the demanding high performance materials, that is easy to print on desktop printers without any warping and has a tested flame retardancy according to FAR 25.853 and UL94 V-0.

Bernd Röhm, Sales Manager Aerospace EMEA & Asia


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