A part 3D printed with TPU F94A

Lubrizol Estane® 3D TPU F94A

Estane® 3D TPU F94A is a flexible Shore 94A polycarbonate based TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) with superior temperature performance, retaining its mechanical properties longer in thermo-oxidative conditions (tested up to 175 ºC).

Why choose Lubrizol?


Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a global TPU leading company fully committed to generate and co-create Additive Manufacturing demand and sustainable applications through Ultimaker technology and printers. We have been closely working with partners and customers to develop applications that bring a differentiated and unique benefits to our customers for prototypes and functional parts.

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    “The Lubrizol F94A-055 OR HH PL material is chosen for its unique high heat long-term stability. With more industrial clients looking into FFF 3D printing for solutions, we recognize the importance of engineered materials like the F94A.”

    Ruud Rouleaux, CEO, colorFabb

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