Jabil TPE SEBS 1300 95A printed part

Jabil TPE SEBS 1300 95A

TPE SEBS is an engineered elastomeric material that is comparable to TPU but does not require drying to process, has excellent bed adhesion, and excellent lay-flat and low warpage that enables very easy printing.

Why choose Jabil?


Jabil significantly extends the applications for additive manufacturing by delivering innovative materials with enhanced properties – increased strength, flame retardancy, conductivity, and lubrication – allowing manufacturers to take advantage of new opportunities.

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Featured applications

    "Ultimaker and Jabil have created an unparalleled partnership by pairing Ultimaker’s expert 3D printing machinery with Jabil’s custom engineered materials, bringing a revolutionized approach to additive manufacturing."

    Matt Torosian, Director of Product Management, Jabil