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Mitsubishi Chemical DURABIO™

DURABIO™ is a bio-based, BPA-free engineering 3D printing material developed by Mitsubishi Chemical. With high transparency similar to PMMA but better impact behavior and improved heat resistance, DURABIO™ closes the gap between PC and PMMA.

Why choose Mitsubishi Chemical?

Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical (3D printing division) is specialized in research and development, compounding, extrusion, customized packaging, and rewinding for FFF and FGF materials with several production facilities around the world. The Mitsubishi Chemical Group has access to significant resources including thousands of its researchers and laboratories.

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Featured applications

  • Phone screen prototype

    Visual prototypes

    Excellent optical properties including high transparency make DURABIO™ ideal for visual concepts.

  • Car grill functional prototype render

    Functional prototypes

    Easy to print, bio-based, and BPA-free – minimize hassle and environmental impact of iterations.

  • DURABIO part render

    Spare parts

    Heat and impact resistance, and chemical inertness are great for versatile end-use or spare parts.

DURABIO™ is a new generation of engineering polymer material offering a set of properties that currently no other plastic in the market shows simultaneously. It also offers a low environmental footprint due to the natural origin of some constituents.

Martin Parlings, Mitsubishi Chemical Europe

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