PolyMide CoPA 3D printed part

Polymaker PolyMide™ CoPA

PolyMide™ CoPA is a nylon filament offering strength and toughness paired with excellent printing quality and zero warping. Nylons allow you to print parts for demanding applications involving: heat, high vibration, and high velocity air flows.

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Polymaker is an international team passionate about 3D printing. With a diverse portfolio of materials ranging from high-performance plastics to unique aesthetic solutions, Polymaker will continue to add cutting edge materials to its ever-growing portfolio.

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    “Nylons offer some of the best properties of all available plastics, however, in 3D printing they have always been tricky to work with. PolyMide™ CoPA bridges the gap providing printability with the natural characteristics of nylon.”

    Luke Taylor, Marketing Manager, Polymaker

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