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Solvay Solef® PVDF AM Filament MSC NT1

Solef® PVDF AM Filament is a tailor-made fluorinated semi-crystalline additive manufacturing material for best printing results of parts that need chemical resistance, high thermal and environmental stability, and good mechanical properties.

Why choose Solvay?


Solvay offers unmatched expertise in developing AM-ready material solutions for the most demanding applications. With their high-level quality offering and certification know-how for critical industries, Solvay has unparalleled experience in serving 3,000 customers across all industries.

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Featured applications

    "I’m excited that Solvay is offering a high-purity PVDF filament on Ultimaker that will process well, so our customers can produce parts for demanding applications such as high temperature, mechanical performance, and harsh chemical exposure."

    Ryan Hammonds, Additive Manufacturing R&D Group Leader, Solvay


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