Introducing your 2020 Ultimaker Innovators

Maciej Gorski – Cloakfield

Artist – London, England

Maciej Gorski – Cloakfield

London-based artist Maciej Gorski – who goes by Cloakfield for his artistic endeavors – works as a motion graphic designer at ITV PLC, but his approach to 3D printed sculptures and models has produced jaw-dropping results not easily attainable on a desktop 3D printer.


The metal-plated models Gorski creates are almost perfectly smooth, and serve as a reminder as to what 3D printing technology – and those utilizing it in such creative, groundbreaking ways – can achieve.


“I wanted the best quality possible using what I had, and from what I saw on the internet no one else seemed to be achieving it,” Mac says. “I have a lot of experience in modelling and cleanup, and after discovering chemicals that reacted a certain way with the materials I was using for my prints, I quickly realised my quest was very achievable and wanted to share my results to help others.”

Simply owning a 3D printer and knowing how to use it and how to create for it inspires you in a way which makes you think far more creatively.

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