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Enrich your Ultimaker experience with the next-generation filament drying solution

Drywise is an on-demand inline filament dryer that lets you focus on production. Save money, time, and effort by drying your filament as you print. Certified materials with preprogrammed profiles ensure consistent and reliable dry material every time.

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      Print stronger parts with nylon

      Learn how to dry your filaments with ease with Drywise

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      Why do you need to dry filament

      If you are printing with engineering-grade fff materials, it is very likely that you need to dry your filaments before using them. This article will give an overview of your filament drying options, as well as their advantages and drawbacks.

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      Moisture in FFF filaments and what are the drawbacks

      The Drywise team has conducted a number of tests on nylon filaments to determine how necessary it is to dry your filaments. The results might surprise you!

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      How does Drywise work?

      Get more info by reading this quick-start guide. It explains the steps of how to start drying and what happens in the Drywise during the process

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