Ultimaker Essentials

Get the most out of your Ultimaker

Upgrade to a powerful suite of online software tools that help you to do more with an Ultimaker 3D printer. Stay in control. Gain more flexibility. Streamline your production.

Included with your Ultimaker 3D printer

Key features that Ultimaker owners love

More secure than printing from USB

Easy remote printing and monitoring

Print from history without reslicing

Increase skills with e-learning courses

Why use Ultimaker Essentials?

It's the best way to go from model to 3D print

  • stay-in-control-3d-printing-production

    Stay in control

    Keep track of parts securely stored in your Digital Library. Remotely oversee who has access to your printer and know your setup is working efficiently.

  • increase-flexibility-ultimaker-3d-printing

    Increase flexibility

    Easily click and print with 200+ tested material profiles. Personalize how you print with plugins and powerful integrations.

  • boost-success-rates-3d-printing-e-learning

    Boost success rates

    E-learning modules created by experts teach you the skills that professional application engineers and 3D printer operators use every day.

What's included?

Everything to upgrade your 3D printing experience

  • Remote 3D printing

    Start, abort, and monitor the progress of print jobs from a single, secure interface.

  • Print queue & history

    Need another part? Reprint from history, or duplicate and reorder print jobs without reslicing.

  • User management

    Who can 3D print? You decide. Admins can easily add or remove user access and create teams.

  • Direct support

    Get help on any hardware or software query within 24 hours via our helpdesk and in-depth knowledge base.

  • Library of parts

    Store or print an inventory of projects that you can save or load from Ultimaker Cura.

  • Data insight

    Track machine and material usage to prove the value of 3D printing. Click to export to CSV.

  • Increased security

    All cloud data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Enable a firewall for your printer(s) on the local network.

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  • Mobile friendly

    From bed or from the bar – securely access all cloud features from your phone or tablet.

  • And more...

    Packed with features, Ultimaker Essentials is being continuously developed and updated.

Built with room to grow

Discover why Ultimaker Essentials is ideal for business

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How to get started with Ultimaker Essentials

Three steps to easy onboarding

  • Ultimaker-Essentials-register-your-printer-and-activate-account

    1. Register

    Register your Ultimaker printer and activate your account to get started.

  • Ultimaker-Essentials-sign-in-to-Cura

    2. Sign in

    Sign in to Ultimaker Cura and connect your printer to Ultimaker Digital Factory.

  • Ultimaker-Essentials-start-3d-printing-digital-library

    3. Print

    Print remotely from Ultimaker Cura or Ultimaker Digital Factory. Add teams of co-workers and build your library.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Ultimaker Essentials free? What's the catch?

There is no catch! We believe that the tools and services inside Ultimaker Essentials provide the basic foundation of a connected, professional 3D printing experience. That's why this unending software plan is included with Ultimaker hardware – to you help you easily start 3D printing with increased security and control.

Who is Ultimaker Essentials for?

Anyone with an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, S5, S3, 3, and 2+ Connect will benefit from the added functionality and time-saving features of Ultimaker Essentials.

Does Ultimaker Essentials work with 3D printers from other manufacturers?

Not right now. Our enterprise software currently supports only networked Ultimaker 3D printers. However, Ultimaker Digital Factory is built on an open system with many integration options. This means if users or partners wish to create third-party device compatibility, they are welcome to do so.

Is cloud printing using Ultimaker Essentials really more secure than via USB?

Yes it is. With a USB stick, you might feel in control of your sensitive design files. But there's still a chance of that data leaking. For example, physical storage drives can get lost, stolen, or simply break. Ultimaker Cloud 3D printing stores data redundantly across multiple devices at multiple environmentally controlled, biometrically secured facilities. That means you can be incredibly confident that your files will stay secure. Plus, all data is encrypted in transit and at rest – making it very difficult to "eavesdrop" when sending files. Then there are the added benefits of being able to print remotely and not risking a USB stick being removed while printing.

How secure are my 3D printing projects in the digital library?

Very secure. All information sent and received from Ultimaker software products is encrypted in transit, and sharded and encrypted at rest – using industry-standard 2048-bit RSA encryptions. All data is also backed up every 3 hours, encrypted, and stored offline. In the unlikely event of data loss, Ultimaker will be able to recover any files lost.

How do I get started if my organization already has registered?

We recommend only registering one Ultimaker Essentials license per organization. To join an existing organization the admin needs to send you an email invitation through the Ultimaker Digital Factory. Don't want to wait? You can create a personal account and sign in to Ultimaker Cura. Your account will upgrade to the Essentials subscription plan once you receive an email invitation from your organization's admin.

Are there any limitations regarding the amount of printers, members, or usage?

We don't limit the number of connected printers, invited members, or created teams. The only usage limitation is that with Ultimaker Essentials you can create and share up to 5 projects the Digital Library. For unlimited use of the Digital Library you can upgrade at any time to Ultimaker Professional or Excellence.

What if I can't connect my Ultimaker 3D printer or I need technical support?

You can get 24/7 support on both hardware and software-related questions. Simply navigate to our Support pages and click "Submit a request".

Can I get a demo?

Of course! Just fill out this form and we will arrange a time to walk you through the features of Ultimaker Essentials and answer any questions you have.

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