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Team Ultimaker, Member since Feb 28, 2012
Being at Ultimaker almost from the beginning I have seen and contributed to a lot of things. We evolved and led me to become the community manager and partially organizer of events. With its global and ever growing community it is an honor to have this job. Every day is exciting in this rapidly evolving company, in an equally fast growing industry. If you ever want to meet any of us, make sure to come and say hi at any of the shows we attend to.

I love this job.
Location Geldermalsen, Netherlands
Skills 3D printing, Soldering, Photography, Slicing, illustrating/2D design
Products Ultimaker Original+, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2+ family, Ultimaker Original+
Products info I have a modified Ultimaker Original with dual extrusion, without a heated bed, dual fans and an Ultimaker 2 electronics board. My Ultimaker 2 has an Olsson Block with the regular 25W heater.
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