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I am a sculptor with a background in ceramics. I teach in the foundations program (Contemporary Practices Department) at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in the area of 3D arts covering a wide range of media that include working with wood, plaster, mold making and working with mixed media. I also teach 3D modeling, and various related software, working with the schools 3D printers, laser cutters, and a limited amount of CNC milling.

I'm currently working on a body of work that involves drawing models of plants in Rhino and fabricating facsimiles of the plants through 3D printing.
Location United States
Skills 3D sculpting, CAD modeling, 3D modeling, Woodworking, Milling, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Teaching, Ceramics
Products Ultimaker 2 Extended+
Products info 2 Makerbot printers. (both out of order) 1 Ultimaker 2 Extended+ (working beautifully.
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Educator's info The School of The Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois, United States
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