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Old guy with a varied history in Advertising, Publishing (DC Comics and MAD Magazine in a technical way), 3D CG since '92 (POV RAY when it was just PVRay and 3DStudio DOS since Version 1), have been an Autodesk Certified Instructor and taught College classes at PRATT Institute. Currently researching Bio-Prosthetics and robotics for Disabled Vets (hence the Ultimaker and a lot of questions) and all around goofball. I have programmed games (just to see if I could do it) and really am an old school illustrator from the late 70's onward with watercolours, oils, Airbrush and just about anything I can get my hands on...just got a knack for tech and such. Love to build and kitbash models (Like converting a 1/12 Scale '67 Corvette into a Retro Batmobile) and working through the Asperger's issues.

Basically, a squirrel trying to get a nut.
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