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I am new to 3D printing - it is very exciting to use the Ultimaker 2+ to bring mathematics to life for my undergraduate math major students. My first project will be to introduce 3D printing to Multivariable Calculus students by creating models of the surfaces we are studying in order to further investigate and confirm their properties. I look forward to seeing my students ingenuity shine through as they develop their own original 3D models.
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Skills CAD modeling, 3D modeling, Electronics, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Programming, Photography, Robotics, Teaching, Slicing, 3D scanning, Using Maple and GeoGebra to create curves and surfaces to study their geometric characteristics and explore applications to the real world.
Products Ultimaker 2+
Products info This is my first 3D printer - from setting it up through printing my first few figures, it has been a straightforward process and a thrilling experience. The Ultimaker 2+ is an amazing device!
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