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I run a 3D printing business producing prototypes during the product design lifecycle and manufacturing products. To our surprise we now spend more 3D printing time manufacturing products than prototyping. Our primary target is engineering companies but we also work in the automotive and architectural sectors. So for us dimensional accuracy, quality of surface finish and repeatability are the key capabilities for us.
We also provide design and 3D modelling services for our clients, using Solidworks which allows us to interact directly with a number of our clients.
Personally I am the leader on the 3D printing side, leaving design and 3D modelling to others; although I do participate in design to ensure the design where possible,makes use of 3D printing strengths and avoids its weaknesses.
Location Ringwood, United Kingdom
Skills 3D modeling, 3D printing, Airbrushing, Programming, Soldering, Photography, Well photography and looking after my '73 big block Corvette count as both interests and skills. I am also responsible for chassis setup and tyre strategy for my son who races RC Touring cars
Products We use the 3ntr A4 printer. When purchased we looked favourably on the Ultimake but we wanted dual extrusion, heated bed and enclosed housing which were not offered by Ultimaker.
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