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Ultimaker education bundle products

Ultimaker education bundles

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Boost your STEM teaching capabilities with a special offer for educators! Save on tailored bundles of 3D printers, materials, and more – while stocks last.

Slicing a metal part in Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker and MakerBot agree to merge

MakerBot and Ultimaker agree to merge and secure additional funding to accelerate global adoption of additive manufacturing

Take control of your production workflow

3D printers, software, and materials that work together seamlessly

    Calculate your return on investment for in-house 3D printing

    Build your business case in 3 steps

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    Instantly calculate your return on investment to discover your payback period and annual savings with in-house 3D printing. All you need is your current cost-per-part, lead time, and production volume to get started.

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