Roundtable: 3D printing in higher education and research

3D printing in higher education

Empower students to become the STEM workforce of the future with a flexible, easy-to-use 3D printing system

Best-in-class technology to inspire every student

Adopt a 3D printing platform that empowers both students and educators to succeed

Low maintenance, high uptime 3D printers

Cloud software for remote printing and user management

Click and print with over 240 materials

Global access to expert support and learning

Ultimaker 3D printers in an education lab

In general access labs

Create a high-capacity production lab for student projects of any type

With many students to facilitate in the general access lab, Ultimaker offers reliable, low-maintenance hardware with a simple workflow, so anyone can use it; allowing you to focus on students and their projects, rather than equipment and training.


In teaching labs

Use 3D printing in the curriculum to share ideas and develop hands-on skills

Adopt the Ultimaker S3 for full freedom for curriculum-based learning, facilitated by simple and reliable 3D Printing, and full flexibility through materials and software.


In application labs

Equip students with advanced production capabilities for demanding end-of-semester projects

Unlock demanding applications with an extended range of materials. With full flexibility and end-to-end material handling, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle increases success rate to print for demanding applications​.

Ultimaker 3D printing roundtable educators

Roundtable: 3D printing in higher education and research

Free 50-minute webinar

Learn how 3D printing is integrated into academic communities and how the use and study of 3D printing is preparing students for the future. Plus how 3D printing is deployed at education institutions, including universities and labs, and how students, faculty, and researchers have achieved success with 3D printing.