3D printed automotive manufacturing aids

3D printing in manufacturing

Discover a new way to boost productivity

Champion a culture of continuous improvement by giving everyone the power to 3D print problem-solving parts and tools that increase productivity and overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

3 roles that will benefit most

Keep reading if you are a...

  • A manufacturing engineer with a 3D print

    Manufacturing engineer

    Get inspired and find exciting applications that will prove the value of 3D printing through increased productivity. Not only will this help build a compelling business case, but also establish you as pioneer in innovation. Start by downloading our free 3D applications cheatsheet.

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  • Innovation managers examining a 3D printed part

    Innovation manager

    Ultimaker's holistic and modular 3D printing platform dilutes the risk of adoption. Plus, our global track record of increased productivity and achieved ROI means partnering with us could be one of the smartest decisions of your career. Download a free checklist to help with the first steps.

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  • Plant manager inspecting a 3D print

    Plant manager

    What if a day didn't go by without your teams solving a production challenge? Equip your employees to create parts and tools that reduce unplanned downtime and increasing output per hour – without a roll of duct tape in sight. Get started with a free white paper on the total cost of ownership.

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What difference can 3D printing make?

The benefits of applying 3D printing to lean manufacturing principles

Boost OEE

3D print custom parts, tools, and safety devices to reduce short stops and unplanned downtime. Many small improvements over time will result in a big difference to your OEE.

Using a 3D printed tool to perform a production line changeover

4 high-gain application categories

Based on our deep industry knowledge

  • A 3D printed key organizer used to maintain an efficient production line

    Tool organizers and safety devices

    When everything has its place, work can be done faster, more accurately, and more safely – especially according to 5S principles

  • An assembly tool for placing the liftgate badge on a Volkswagen car

    Assembly tools

    Incorporate poka-yoke design principles to speed up and mistake-proof complex actions with custom ergonomics – such as product assembly or machine maintenance.

  • A 3D printed quality gauge to check tolerances in vehicle production

    Quality tools

    Boost product quality by accurately and affordably 3D printing tools and gauges for every QA process using low-friction or non-marring materials.

  • 3D printed can pushers

    Transport tools

    Any conveyor or production line can be fitted with impact-resistant 3D printed parts. Two-color dual extrusion prints can wear down and indicate when they need replacement.

Adopted by leading global manufacturers

Let these success stories inspire you


"Using 3D printing we have actually saved €350,000 in our production facilities by increasing the yield of our products and eliminating a number of safety hazards."

Job van de Sande, Head of Technology at ERIKS

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Optimize your production efficiency

With Ultimaker's productivity solution


Our flagship 3D printer delivers always-on productivity to achieve ROI in weeks – starting from day one.

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle features include:

  • Automatic, humidity-controlled material handling that reduces the need for operator interaction and enables nearly 24/7 uptime

  • Efficient air filtration – proven to remove up to 95% of ultrafine particles, giving you the confidence to flexibly deploy 3D printing across your business

  • 6 front-loading spool bays, compatible with over 180 third-party materials (including composites) to unlock almost unlimited application opportunities

Using multiple 3D printers for high-output, continuous productivity

Why choose Ultimaker?

Here's our unique value proposition


Join the 200+ leading manufacturers who have chosen Ultimaker. Our ecosystem is ideal for distribution: powerful but compact printer modules, software and knowledge that's easy to deploy – all backed up by quick access to global support.


Our ecosystem is characterized by openness without compromising on enterprise security: 3D print with your choice of materials, with the production capacity to create high-value parts and tools, plus seamless integration with infrastructure and workflows.


Ultimaker isn't your average 3D printer manufacturer. We're on a mission to transform the way the world makes things. We dream of a world in which things are only made in sustainable ways, when and where they matter. To people, businesses, the planet.

Operator using an Ultimaker 3D printer on the production line

How to get started

Agile, scalable 3D printing presents manufacturers with one of the biggest opportunities available today.

Let us help you achieve the productivity gains you need to propel your organization to new levels of competitive success – one 3D printed part at a time.

Don't take our word for it...

Here's what our customer say

  • Ford

    "Ford picked Ultimaker because the quality compared to the cost is very good and we like their reliability."

    Lars Bognar. Research Engineer at Ford Motor Company

  • Weber

    "The declaration of safe unattended professional use was a deciding factor for us to go with Ultimaker, so we can let it run 24/7."

    Felix Michael Mehl, 3D Print Specialist at Weber

  • Amstel Engineering

    "The Ultimaker S5 is used by almost every engineer in our office, and it provides all the necessary flexibility and reliability we need for our projects."

    Niels Defize, Design Engineer at Amstel Engineering