3D printing for defense

Keep military assets operational anywhere in the world

Just-in-time production for air, land, and sea

Ultimaker 3D printers allow you to...

3D print in any field of operation

Create robust parts with more materials

Train more personnel to 3D print

Increase readiness through innovation

What parts for defense can you 3D print?

Here are some examples already used in the field

    3 reasons to adopt 3D printing

    Deployable end-to-end production

    Ultimaker 3D printers can be found onboard joint logistics support ships, in the back of military support vehicles, even in flight cases deployable to staging areas at a moment's notice.

    Such a powerful, affordable, and self-contained manufacturing platform unlocks incredible flexibility to supply parts exactly when and where they are needed, allowing you to take the lead in innovation and operational readiness – while other defense organizations wait for parts delivery.


    Royal Netherlands Air Force

    Speeding up maintenance with 3D printed tools

    Not only does the Dutch Air Force use 3D printing to create custom tools to efficiently maintain their fleet of helicopters, fighter jets, and cargo planes. They also teach new engineers the easy-to-use 3D printing workflow and how to spot new applications opportunities. Get all the details in the success story.