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3D printer emissions and indoor air quality

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3D print with peace of mind

The increased popularity of desktop 3D printing has triggered an increased concern: How does this accessible technology affect indoor air quality? Based on impartial research and data, this white paper seeks to answer that important question.

What you will learn

Written by the engineers and safety specialists who developed the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager, this document takes a close look at ultrafine particles (UFPs), volatile organic compounds, and FFF 3D printing. By reading this 17-page white paper, you'll learn:

  • 7 factors that affect indoor air quality when 3D printing

  • Which (recently published) standard guides the measurement of particle emissions

  • The 2 values that are critical for determining 3D printer emissions safety

  • Which Ultimaker material emits the most UFPs

  • The data validation behind the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager's efficiency

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