Tough PLA drill jig

Ultimaker Tough PLA

Ultimaker Tough PLA is a technical PLA (polylactic acid) material with a toughness similar to ABS. It is ideal for printing functional prototypes and tooling at larger sizes – without fear of delamination or warping. Our Tough PLA offers the same safe and easy use as regular PLA.

Reasons to choose Ultimaker Tough PLA


Our Tough PLA filament is formulated to be an easy-to-use technical plastic: 

  • Greater machinability than PLA allows more post-processing techniques

  • Similar strength and higher stiffness compared to ABS

  • No delamination or warping for reliable printing of larger parts

  • Compatible with PVA and Breakaway support materials for full geometric freedom

Learn how to print with Ultimaker Tough PLA
Ultimaker Tough PLA custom press tool for lean manufacturing

Example prints using Ultimaker Tough PLA

  • Ultimaker Tough PLA custom assembly press tool

    Create tough plastic parts

    Tough PLA’s impact strength is closer to ABS than regular PLA. This means your 3D printed parts can be used for more functional applications, such as jigs, fixtures, and tools.

  • Tough PLA robot manufacturing fingers grippers

    Optimized for large prints

    When you need toughness in large models, Tough PLA is an easy-to-print and reliable material – ideal for 3D printing with the Ultimaker S5’s bigger build volume.

  • Ultimaker Tough PLA large beam jig

    Achieve complex geometries

    Designs with intricate curves, fine details, and overhangs can be easily printed with Tough PLA, especially when combined with Breakaway or water-soluble PVA support.