SDB2022-02-04 0001-99

Karina Cozma, E - Learning Intern

I was not familiar with 3D printing before, I only had one experience in my college course where I discovered the possibilities of 3D prints, such as artificial limbs and implants. When I found Ultimaker on LinkedIn I was excited to be part of a growing innovative company. I used to help high school students from Hungary with applying to Dutch Universities. I wanted to combine this mentorship and learning experience with user experience research. This is exactly what I was offered!

The Academy

My main responsibility is to analyze the data on the 3D printing Academy courses - which people are using it, how and why are they interested, or what can be improved. It is very interesting to see that not only engineers are using it but also artists, students, craftspeople, and many more. We are also aiming to create end-user profiles, their perceptions, feelings, and needs. Ultimately, we want to create a very interesting and engaging Academy.

Working together and independently

I start the day by checking my emails, Teams messages, etc. More generally, my week starts with the E-Learning team meeting. We always talk about how the previous week went and brainstorm together about what is next. Throughout the week we usually work by ourselves, but also check in with each other and help out. I am also engaged with some design tasks, for instance re-creating the Academy page on the Ultimaker website.

Being part of the culture

What I love is that there is basically no hierarchy, at least not on the communication level. I can always talk to anyone and present my ideas without judgment. Some people may think that such a high-tech company will be colder and stricter but as soon as you start talking to people you realize that everyone is very open, interested, and fun. Also, as someone with a psychology background, I am very happy about how much emphasis is put on people’s feelings and overall experience, both in the company and with our clients. It was a very warm and encouraging environment from the beginning.

Fun moments

A very funny moment for me when I wanted to make tea for the first time. I was told that I can actually make tea from a tap! I was just baffled by this, but amazed. We also have a marketing connect event every month and small interactive design contests on even a weekly basis. Every week we start off with some personal funny stories from the past days. I am also very happy to work with another intern in the team as I feel much more comfortable in my tasks and I always have someone to talk to and connect with.

Next to work

I really enjoy music, I started playing the violin still in primary school. I also started re-learning the piano recently. I don’t know how it is for other people, but music just makes me close the outside world and dive into a new world of imagination. I’m also interested in digital design, app prototypes and similar interactive creations. I also like cooking and baking.